Help! I'm Itchy!

Help! I'm Itchy!

Are you going crazy trying not to itch your tape? Itchy on day one? Itchy after you take it off? Itchy on your off days? Happens to the best of us! There are a few reasons you might experience this issue and most of them are an easy fix so lets talk about it!

Stand To Pee w/ TransTape: How to Use an STP

You learned about Stand to Pee packers and how to position your TransTape with one, but what about using one? It can be a little difficult at first and there's definitely a learning curve, but you're not alone! Let's talk about using STPs and some tips I've learned along the way.

How To: Test Strip!

How To: Test Strip!

You've heard about it, you've read about it and you've been told countless times, "Make sure you do a test strip!" by one of us here at TransTape. Whether you're about to apply for the first time or you're curious as to why it's so important, you've come to the right place.

Sticky Residue From TransTape? Easy Fix!

We've all seen it, we've all dealt with it and now we're all going to know how to get rid of it! Time to dive into one of the most common sticky situations associated with TransTape.

Is It Safe To Tape My Chest? | TransTape FAQs

Safety first! Before diving into a new gender affirming product, it's best to learn a little bit more about it to ensure the product is for you. And more importantly, whether it is safe for you and your body! Rest assured, using proper technique to tape your chest with skin-safe tape is safe!

Can I Use TransTape if I Have a Larger Chest?

Someone told you about TransTape and how it's the best thing since sliced bread, now you're wondering, does it work for everyone? Will the tape still hold up with a larger chest? TransTape can work for anyone, no matter what size you are!

Binder or TransTape?

Binder or TransTape?

There's a good chance you've heard about binders, and if you've ever worn one you also know that at times they can be very uncomfortable. Binders can be great but they aren't everyone's cup of tea and where binders fall short, TransTape steps in.

Packing with TransTape: STP Edition!

We've covered binding and packing with TransTape but now it's time to learn about using a stand to pee packer (STP) with TransTape! It's not too terribly different, but you definitely have a few extra things to keep in mind!

Nipple Guards w/ TransTape Binding

Nipple guards are a great addition to your application! Whether you use the ready-to-use guards out of the pack, want to make your own or are just unsure of what they are, this is the place to be!