About Us


Our TransTape team is made up of amazing TransTape users, their loved ones and family, and dedicated allies across the USA. We may be a small bunch, but we pack a punch when it comes to making our product and service the absolute best for our customers! Our mission? Transtape is an LGBTQ+ company that provides gender affirming transformation products for all that seek comfort in their bodies. We pledge to give a portion of our sales back to the community by supporting artists and organizations while also providing special opportunities for individual growth. We aim to involve folks from our community in as many fun and creative ways as we can, whether it's through employment, modeling, or content contracts.  

Meet The Team

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Kaiyote Jackson - President/CEO

Transtape was created in 2016, when Kaiyote, at the age of 35, discovered and accepted that he was transgender. After a lifetime of hatred and disconnect from his body, he searched for products to help align his mind and body. When a "traditional" binder failed him, TransTape to help hide his chest and create the more masculine look he wanted. With this realization, TransTape was born.

Mike Simko - Chief Financial Officer

Mike has been with TransTape since the very beginning and helped to build the company from the ground up with Kai. His previous work in finance brought with him experience and skills needed to manuever the ins and outs of building TransTape. He's been the numbers guy ever since. He's in spreadsheets daily to ensure TransTape continues to grow. 

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Sarah Nelson -Cheif Operating Officer

Sarah has been with TransTape since 2021 and has taken TransTape to new heights! Shes responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company and is constantly working to help push TransTape forward. 

Beau DuBois - Customer Relations Manager

Beau started using TransTape in 2017 and fell in love with product when he realized he could ditch his binder completely which was a huge impact on his quality of life as someone with severe asthma. After several years of being a loyal customer and unofficial advocate for the product, he came onboard as an official employee and is here to help our customers with application issues, and guidance as well as customer service!

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Aaron Capener -
Social Media Manager

In 2018, Aaron began using the product and instantly knew he wanted to help teach others about this new binding method. After collaborating on various media projects for years, Aaron is now TransTape's social media manager. He creates content and oversees digital communication to our customers via social media and other avenues.

Kayla Capener - Shipping & Orders Manager

Kayla is our Shipping Manager here at TransTape and helps with all of your order questions and concerns! Her husband, Aaron, has been using TransTape for years, and Kayla’s enthusiasm for helping the community led her to begin helping customers through the live chat! 

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Quyen Tran -
Education and Outreach Coordinator 

Quyen has been using transtape for 5 years. She first discovered the product as a drag king and taught over 50 people how to chestbind with Transtape through her drag king workshops. Quyen took Transtape off the stage and started wearing it while swimming and hiking the national parks. Her increased visibility with Transtape brought requests for in person tapings for those with body dysphoria which she gladly obliged. This unconventional path would lead Quyen into the role as the Transtape Education and Outreach Coordinator.