Who We Are

TransTape is a gender-affirming, body transformation system for trans-masculine, trans-feminine, non-binary, gender-fluid & gender non-conforming individuals who are looking for a backless and waterproof alternative to traditional binding, packing & other self affirming uses

TransTape is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex with a hypoallergenic medical grade acrylic adhesive that is latex free and non-medicated.

We believe in only using products that are better for our body and the environment. That's why we have created our products to be free of any chemicals, fragrances and weird long words you can't pronounce. Instead, we use ingredients found in nature that you know, LOVE and trust such as Sunflower Oil and infuse it with essential oils such as Cedarwood to promote clear healthy skin and Monarda, as not only as an antibacterial but to induce feelings of tranquility and peace.

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All of our kits are fully customizable to your skin tone & size preference..

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Protect Black Trans Lives

TransTape supports @BlackTransTravelFund which
provides Black transgender women with the financial resources necessary for
them to be able to access self-determined safe transportation. We believe that
it is our responsibility to take action in securing resources for the most
vulnerable members of this community and have been supporting the BTTF since
our start in 2017. During Pride month especially, we must recognize, honor, and
serve Black trans women.

Over $1,000 donated so far with your help!

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