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TransTape Testimonials

" This product is amazing. It has done wonders in my life. My chest dysphoria is very high, but with this tape it has helped me be more comfortable in my body. It lets me walk around shirtless & it has helped me be able to look in the mirror without feeling out of place. I shower with it, go to the gym with it, I do everything with it & it works very well. I reccomend this product to any transgender male out there who isn't able to get top surgery just yet. It's affordable & lasts a good while. I am very thankful that this tape has been made."

- Shane

" I received my tape today and I can not thank you enough. I actually teared up once I put my shirt on. I can't wear binders because they give me really bad panic attacks, your product has given me a freedom I have never had in 34 years. You really have changed my life"

- Koda H.

" Its just amazing and I'm not just saying that, I've been binding for three years and constantly struggle with it but its really easy with TransTape. I can wear anything and my chest looks flat even without a shirt on. Definitely gave me my confidence back."

- Rhy

" I am stealth, so I'm glad that I don't have any binder straps that could out me. I wear TransTape to work, school, even workout in it and it keeps it's hold which is great. It helps my dysphoria a lot too because it makes me flat."


TransTape was designed with you in mind!

Are you ready to experience true freedom in your body? To participate in life without second guessing yourself? With this body modification system you can do that and more.

WHY TransTape?

TransTape is not pre-cut allowing YOU to decide the length of product to use, saving you money.

TransTape comes in 2 sizes, 7.5 and 10 cm width, our competitor only offers 5 cm width.

TransTape is WATERPROOF allowing you to wear it to the beach, pool, gym and most importantly in the shower.

TransTape is SWEATPROOF allowing you to wear it hiking, biking, running, or to any sporting event.

TransTape is designed for high activity levels and exercise as well as for every day wear and relaxation.

TransTape has a specially designed wave-pattern adhesive that moves with the skin and muscle allowing healthy blood flow.

TransTape can last 3-5 days of consistent wear.

TransTape is lightweight and breathable and can be worn with or without a shirt.

TransTape is does not go over the shoulder like typical binders do, allowing you the freedom to wear any top. 

TransTape was created by a transman for other trans and non-binary people.