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Most Frequently Asked Questions

As you learn about our gender affirming system, we know that you probably have a lot of questions. We want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make applying TransTape as easy as possible!

If the question that you are looking for is not listed, please send it to us via the blue bubble on your screen and we will get back as soon as possible!


Troubleshooting TransTape

Learning to use TransTape isn't always a one strip and go situation. You may need to try a few different methods or sizes to get the right fit for your body.

Still having trouble? We have a full-time larger chested individual that wears TransTape everyday available to answer your questions on the live chat! That means we can help apply STRIP BY STRIP to help you find success and freedom.



We want to ensure that you have the smoothest shipping experience possible. Here are some details for you!

Nipple Guards w/ TransTape Binding

Nipple Guards w/ TransTape Binding

Jan 20, 2023 Jamie Blum

Nipple guards are a great addition to your application! Whether you use the ready-to-use guards out of the pack, want to make your own or are just unsure of what they are, this is the place to be!

Holiday Gifting! | 3 Trans-Owned Businesses To Support

Holiday Gifting! | 3 Trans-Owned Businesses To Support

Dec 15, 2022 Jamie Blum

The holiday season is creeping up on us quickly and some of us may be wondering about gift ideas for the trans and non binary loved ones in our lives. Whether a loved one is beginning their transition or starting to explore their gender, fear not I'm here to help!

Stay Active With TransTape!

Stay Active With TransTape!

Dec 02, 2022 Jamie Blum

Fitness and TransTape go together like tea and honey. You can have one without the other but you will be missing out on a great experience. A part of me has always enjoyed staying active and finding more things to challenge myself but ever since I found TransTape, that mind, body, spirit connection has never been stronger.

TransTape: Size Me Up!

TransTape: Size Me Up!

Nov 28, 2022 Jamie Blum

When ordering TransTape, you have 3 sizes to select from. Using the correct size, or sizes, can make a world of a difference in your application process. You may also need to use more than one size or strip of tape. It may take a few tries before finding your perfect technique, but here's a tip or two to consider when ordering your tape and finding your perfect application.