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How To: Tucking

How To: Tucking

You may have read the post for first time users tucking before coming here but if not, no worries! This post will have more detailed instructions on how to perfect your tuck with TransTape. I always recommend reading the test strip how to and the before you tape posts before going ahead with your first application. But if you haven't, no worries, we will still briefly cover the test strip and the basic preparation. Let's get to it!

Help: Peeling & Sticking to Clothes

Whether it's your first time taping or your 100th time taping, you may find yourself in a sticky situation. It happens to everyone! A common issue people face while applying, is the tape...

Help: Irritated Skin

Help: Irritated Skin

Whether you're a first time user or a TransTape veteran, you may have encountered some skin irritation. You don't necessarily need to consider your skin sensitive for it to get irritated either, by the way. Everyone's skin can become irritated sometimes, sensitive or not, so let's go over a couple reasons and maybe even some solutions!

Is TransTape Right for Me?

If you're looking for different ways to bind, or maybe just an alternative to your current method, you might have heard of TransTape. TransTape is a compression free binding method that makes some people raise their eyebrows when they first hear about it. But fear not, TransTape is made for everybody, especially you!

When Should I Remove My Tape?

The tape is on but now its been a day or two and you're not sure whether or not you should remove it. I totally get it and I've been there! When you're still getting used to wearing TransTape, it can be difficult to determine whether or not it's ready to come off. And that's why I am here to help!

Rounding Corners and TransTape Scissors!

If you've been learning about TransTape or are already a user, you may have come across the very popular suggestion of rounding your corners! Rounding your corners is important to your application and will help you get the most out of it. And you can't do that without a nice pair of scissors, which TransTape offers now!

Help: TransTape and Body Hair

Whether you're binding, tucking or packing, you may be wondering if you need to get rid of your body hair first. It's entirely up to the user whether or not they keep their hair, but if you decide to trim it you may benefit from an overall more comfortable application, better support and a more pleasant removal process.

Tips: Prepare for Taping!

In theory it seems easy enough to grab your tape and slap it on, but we both know it's not always so simple! Whether we're having a busy day, a difficult day or just a day where we aren't feeling ourselves, preparing for our application can go a long way for some of us. Preparing for application can help alleviate pressure, stress and lead to a better experience from start to finish.

Help: My Tape Won't Stick!

The key to TransTape is proper application and, well, getting it to stick. A common issue among first time users is the tape falling off right after application or never fully sticking in the first place. There could be a variety of reasons why it isn't sticking to your skin, so let's tal