Your feedback about shipping hasn't gone unnoticed and TransTape has taken it upon themselves to address these concerns head on. Domestic and international shipping rates were inconsistent, but that will now be a thing of the past! After trial and error, a flaw in the system was found and is actively being corrected.


Hello, my good people!


The so-called evil ones too, I guess.


If you've been using, or ordering, TransTape for a while, you may have noticed the shipping rates.


International or not, they haven't exactly been ideal for everyone.


And listen, I hear you!


And so did TransTape!


Let's chat about it.


TransTape Shipping


Hello, again.


The shipping costs with TransTape have been a hot topic for those of us who have been using or ordering tape for some time.


And we, the consumer, haven't exactly been quiet about this issue.


Through comments on social media, direct emails and chats in the help desk, TransTape has heard your concerns and has taken action to resolve this issue.


All feedback is always welcome! Issues can't be fixed when you're not aware of them!


And as you know, TransTape is a smaller company compared to some of those massive ones, you know who I'm referencing.


So shipping works a little differently for TransTape.


But even with keeping that in mind, the shipping rates still seemed to be inconsistent.


And because of that inconsistency, the TransTape team began experimenting with different factors to try and smooth out this issue.


First, they tried changing the box sizes.


And it didn't work.


Then, they removed the package protection option.


Still didn't seem to work.


And after over 8 months of trials with seemingly nothing changing, it was finally discovered that the flaw was actually in the shipping facility's system.


Go figure, right?


After coming to the conclusion that the shipping facility was causing those inconsistent shipping rates, it seemed like the only solution was to move.


So that's exactly what TransTape did!


New TransTape Shipping


In recent times, the lovely shipping team at TransTape was contacted by a new shipping facility.


That's right, the shipping company reached out to TransTape! Almost like it was meant to be.


The new company TransTape will be working with is also an LGBTQIA+ owned and operated.


This company specifically reached out because they felt a personal connection to the product.


Which is super cool!


And, they are also considered a boutique shipping facility.


This means they have fewer clients, which allows them to spend more time on them and offer the best possible service and shipping rates.


Another huge bonus to switching to this company is that TransTape has the ability to change to flat rates, preventing any future shipping inconsistencies.


I love me a good flat rate shipping.


This change is actively happening as this is being written and you should begin to see the new shipping rates before the end of June.


Going forward, this should lower shipping costs for most, if not all, customers.




International Shipping


Don't worry, I didn't forget about you, friends.


The new shipping facility I just talked about in the last section is based out of the US.


But international shipping is a little bit different than domestic.


To see where you can purchase TransTape outside the US right now, check out this page with authenticated wholesalers.


The reason international shipping is a little bit different, is because every country has its own set of rules.




Meaning, every country requires taxes and duties to be paid.


The amount of taxes required by a country is determined by a few different factors.


Value-Added Tax (VAT), country of manufacture, product value, trade agreements and more.


Every country is different and these are factors that can't be controlled by TransTape.


If it could be controlled, it would be.


But alas, it can't be.


However, don't lose hope!


TransTape is also going to be in an international warehouse soon!


This change will not come as quickly as the end of June, but hopefully by the end of 2024, the new international shipping processes will be underway and benefiting international customers in no time.


As far as everything shipping goes, I think I've pretty much covered everything.


I said it before but, feedback is always welcome!


Whether your experience is absolutely fantastic or more on the less than satisfied side of things, please share.


If you're interested in providing TransTape with feedback, you can either reach out through the live chat on the website here or you can leave comments on TransTape's official social media.


TikTok , Instagram , Facebook.


And in the meantime, while you're waiting for your tape to arrive with new and improved shipping, you can study up on taping techniques!


On the TransTape website, there's a free video course that will take you step by step with how to properly use your TransTape.


This course includes tips from people of all shapes and sizes!


And if the video course isn't helping you and you feel like you need more guidance, you can always head to the live chat and get 1 on 1 assistance with taping.


This also includes a video chat option, now! For free!


And last but not least, you can always wander back over here to the blog and see if there are any posts that might help with your situation.


Or maybe you're just trying to keep up with the news!


Well, I think that's all I have for you.


But I'll leave you with this.


Don't forget to love yourself today.


Until next time,


Stay awesome,


Stay beautiful,


Stay you.


You are loved and it gets better.


Talk to you soon,




Welcome to the cool kids club!


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