In theory it seems easy enough to grab your tape and slap it on, but we both know it's not always so simple! Whether we're having a busy day, a difficult day or just a day where we aren't feeling ourselves, preparing for our application can go a long way for some of us. Preparing for application can help alleviate pressure, stress and lead to a better experience from start to finish.
Good day, my fellow humans!
And lizard people.
How are we feeling today?!
I hope we're all feeling some form of spectacular!
If you're a regular TransTape user like myself, you may realize it can be a little bit of a process some days.
And it always seems like the difficult application days are the busiest, most hectic, days of them all, am I right or what?
That's where preparation starts to come into play!
I know, I know. Another thing that we have to make time for and fit in our crazy schedules.
It might seem like a lot to prepare a little "workstation" at first.
I get it, believe me.
But in the grand scheme of things, and in the long run as they say, you'll be saving yourself time and likely some unnecessary stress and anxiety.
And it really doesn't take that long!
Once you form the habit, the rest is history in the making.

Why Should I Prep?

Because you love yourself.
Okay, but really.
Applying TransTape is different for everybody, but we've all probably had an application experience or two where we had to cut more strips or got overwhelmed because it was taking a lot longer than we thought.
What if I told you, planning ahead or prepping could save you some of that hassle?
I'm not a politician, or a used car salesman, so you can trust me on this.
If you plan ahead or designate a specific time for your application, I personally like to plan for at least an hour, it might help alleviate some stress or pressure from the taping process.
I know when I'm short on time, I rush and make way more mistakes. I'm more worried about being taped up and ready than I am about how good my application is, and that always ends in problems or unnecessary stress.
You could even take it a step further and prepare your strips and nipple guards. Having pre-measured strips and guards also takes a little stress off, but it also saves you time!
Applications become a little more enjoyable when you don't have to roll out the tape, count the sections, make the cuts, round the corners and then apply all at once.
It's less time consuming, too.
So if you're looking for ways to cut down your application time or just looking for ways to make the process easier or less stressful, putting in a little bit of preparation effort could be the answer you've been looking for.
Maybe I could sell used cars.

How Can I Prep?

Everyone preps in their own way!
Prepping could mean setting up a workspace or it could mean taking some time beforehand to set the mood and get in the right head space.
In my opinion, the more you prepare yourself for your TransTape application, the smoother it usually goes.
Things like taking time to cut up some extra strips with rounded corners, setting up a workspace, gathering your supplies at once, setting the mood and I'm sure there are many more ways I don't even know about.
You don't have to do any of these things to have a successful application but you might find at least one or two tips helpful enough to add to your routine.
There is no wrong way to prep for taping, only the way that works for you.

Designated Area & Gather Everything

This one kind of speaks for itself.
This is also one of the easiest things that you can do for yourself.
If you typically apply your TransTape in your bathroom, set up a small space where you store all of your supplies.
This could be a little shelf, dopp kit, counter space or whatever you have to work with!
It's super convenient to have everything together in the same general area,but it's also helpful when you need something in the middle of applying or removing your tape.
Nothing like having your hands covered in jojoba oil and needing to open a door with a twist knob to go get a towel.
If you have the space to do it, try and create a little workstation.
Have a nice pair of scissors, rubbing alcohol, a roll of tape, nipple guards, removal oil, salve and whatever else you use when you're working with your TransTape.
Having a designated area for all of your TransTape supplies can be really effective when it comes to time management and it can also help reduce stress.
You won't have to worry about stopping halfway through to go find something you need and if you need to reapply, everything you need is right next to you.
If you don't already do this, I highly recommend you give it a try.
It's super simple to gather everything in one general area and you'll probably notice your applications going a little bit smoother when everything you need is within arms reach.

Plan a Specific Time

I briefly mentioned designating a specific time for you to apply your tape and how I usually plan for at least an hour so I don't feel rushed.
Maybe an hour wouldn't be enough for you, and that's okay! Plan for as much time as you need to feel comfortable and unhurried.
If I'm taping before I go do something or just before I go to work, I'll even leave a gap in time before I need to leave and my application in case I run out of time.
So if I know I need to leave my house by 12:30pm, I'll make sure I'm taped by 11/11:30am.
This leaves enough time in case I run over my hour but it also gives me the opportunity to monitor for any discomfort in case I overstretched or placed something in a weird way.
Scheduling time in your day specifically for applying your TransTape can be extremely helpful if you find yourself rushing all of the time.
This is something that is absolutely necessary for me and my application. At first it was a little annoying to have to dedicate time specifically for taping.
But, it ended up being really beneficial for me and I still do it.

Pre-Cut Strips (And Rounded Corners!)

When I started pre-cutting strips it was because I always felt like I was going to mess up and I would stress out about taking too long and having to reapply.
But now, I do it to save myself time preparing strips a month or so in advance.
Regardless of the reason, this is a huge help to me.
Personally, I use 4 medium strips all together. Two strips are 2.5 sections and the other two strips are 3 sections.
At least once a month or so I take the time to cut and round about 8 strips of each size that I use and layer them in order of how I apply them in a small container. That way, each time I go to apply, I pull out the top 4 strips of tape that I've prepared.
And if I mess up while applying, I have back up pieces ready to go!
When that happens, I usually cut another strip to replace the one I used so I don't need to worry next time. Even if I don't, the next time I apply I only have to cut one more strip instead of cutting all four.
Doing this saves me time and stress and I will never not do it. I usually have enough pieces cut up to last me a months worth of applications.
It was extremely helpful while I was learning because I always had back up pieces ready to go. That way I never gave myself the opportunity to get upset about having to start over and cut up more of my roll of tape.
Even now after I've been applying for years, it's still really convenient to have pieces ready to go so I don't even need to think about it.
If you don't feel like cutting up a month's worth of applications, you could just prepare the strips for your next application.
And if you struggle with applying a certain strip during application, perhaps the anchor strip on your right side like me, make one or two extras to save yourself a little stress.
It can be super comforting knowing you made an extra strip just in case. Helps us think about it a little less and maybe even try a new strategy.
Because why not?
You have an extra to spare!

Mentally Preparing

Probably the most important preparation tip that we should all take into consideration is mental preparation.
If you're applying or removing TransTape, there's a good chance that you are handling sensitive or vulnerable parts of your body during the process.
I can be really sensitive about my chest and I always need to be in the right head space to remove my tape. I usually play some of my favorite music, maybe grind up some of the devil's lettuce and light an incense or candle. Self-love is important.
Everyone is different and maybe you're very comfortable with your body. That's incredible and I'm super happy for you!
But it's also okay to not feel 100% about yourself every day. We all have our off days and there's nothing wrong with that either!
So if you don't always feel 100% when you're working with TransTape, try taking 10 to 15 minutes before hand to really unwind and do something you enjoy.
And you'll never believe this, guess what?
You can take breaks throughout your application too!
If you feel yourself getting frustrated or worked up, take a few minutes to step away and take a breather from your application. There is no time limit that you need to finish in and it's not a competition where you're only allowed to stop so many times.
If you need a minute, take a minute!
Like I mentioned before, sometimes I'll light a candle or put on some of my favorite music.
Or hang out with Mary-Jane.
A little bit of self-love and you-time can go a long way and you don't need an excuse to do it either.
Practice it on the good days, not just the bad days.
Taking the time to really set the mood and the head space does wonders for stress relief and it helps keep you in a mindset to help combat any uncomfortable feelings that might come up when dealing with your body.
I would rate this tip a 10/10, must try.
And it should be applied to every future TransTape adventure!
This is a hot tip, guys. Don't pass it over!

Why Was I Ever Against This Again?

Oh, that's right.
Because me, planning and routines have never been super close friends.
Taking the time to prepare yourself for taping, or really for anything, can make a world of a difference in how the rest of your day goes.
If you find yourself getting stressed out or overwhelmed, I definitely recommend giving some of the tips I shared a try.
They're not for everyone, but they could be for you.
Whether it's in the form of planning ahead, taking frequent breaks, preparing extra tape or listening to your favorite podcast, it's always important to take time for a little bit of self-care.
Spoil yourself and take your time, you're more than worth it.
Until next time,
Stay awesome,
Stay beautiful,
Stay you.
You are loved and it gets better.
Talk to you soon,

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