We've all seen it, we've all dealt with it and now we're all going to know how to get rid of it! Time to dive into one of the most common sticky situations associated with TransTape.
Hello, good people of the internet!
As usual, we are gathered here today to discuss TransTape.
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TransTape can be a huge life-changer for some of us but that doesn't mean everything is super easy and smooth sailing every day.
As much as I'd love to say that it is, everyone struggles from time to time. It's just life!
Nothing is totally perfect and it's actually pretty normal to have questions or struggle, it happens to the best of us!
But today we're going to focus on this funky looking stuff we sometimes find left over on our skin when using TransTape.
You know that weird sticky stuff that won't come off without a fight? Yup that's it.
You may have noticed it starts to show up towards the end of your application where you might've experienced peeling.
Or even right after removal!
What's up with that?!
Believe it or not, this is completely normal and you are not the only one dealing with this!
I've had my share of battles with this stuff, but I've won the war and I'll show you the way.

What Is It?

This annoying sticky residue is leftover adhesive that has separated from the fabric of the tape and stuck around to hang out with you for a little bit longer.
Lucky you!
This is something that has probably happened to everyone at some point.
It's pretty normal and there are actually ways to help remove it!
Without injuring your skin in the process.
If you're experiencing a lot of residue leftover, the most common cause is soaking the tape in oil for too long.
When the adhesive sits in oil for too long, it starts to release from the fabric of the tape and stick right back onto our skin.
Gross, I know.
But on the plus side, once again, this is pretty normal!
I personally deal with at least a little bit of residue after every removal, so you are not the only one handling this not-so-crazy phenomenon.
Now that we all understand what exactly this stuff is, let's move on to the more important topic!

How to Remove It

Thankfully, there are ways to get rid of this stuff and they're surprisingly easy.
You can always start with soaking your tape with removal oil for only 1-3 minutes to avoid over soaking.
But that's not the only solution to your sticky situation!
And as a friendly reminder.
Do not rip or tear TransTape from your skin, this is not the time to be pulling things off like a band-aid!
There are a few different suggestions for removing this sticky stuff so let's dive in!

Suggestion #1: Reduce your soaking time!

I know, I know. I just said this isn't the only solution but it is the first step in trying to resolve the problem so bear with me please.
In many cases, those of us with a lot of leftover residue are probably soaking our tape for well over five minutes.
If you're anything like me, you might soak your tape, forget you're doing it and leave it on for a solid 45 minutes.
It's not the end of the world if you do this!
But it definitely doesn't help us reduce the amount of residue on our skin after removal.
So next time, instead of getting lost in multitasking like me, set a timer for 3 minutes after dramatically pouring removal oil all over your body like the pop star that you are.
This way, we know for sure that the tape has soaked for the appropriate amount of time.
Also, don't skimp out on the amount of oil you use, really pour it on!
If 3 minutes go by and your tape still feels very much stuck, contrary to popular belief, this doesn't mean wait longer.
Dude, I know I thought the same thing!
If you feel like it still isn't releasing after 3 minutes pass, try adding a little bit more oil to your skin and hands and slowly help release the bond by gently lifting the tape from your skin.
Remember, do not rip or tear at the tape and absolutely do not try removing it without oil, that will have consequences!
Don't test me!
If this still isn't working for you, there are more solutions, I promise.

Solution #2: Take a Bath or Shower

This is a very gentle, and relaxing, way to remove TransTape and all the sticky residue.
Definitely helps out in the self-love category too!
If you have sensitive skin or issues with removing your tape with only soaking it in oil, this could be the way to go for you!
Of course, you could always soak before your bath but you can actually add the removal oil directly to your water for bonus benefits.
And since the removal oil is made with high quality jojoba oil, this is super beneficial for your overall skin health!
The water and removal oil work together on releasing the adhesive from your skin while you're sitting in the bath and best case scenario, it'll remove all the sticky leftovers too!
If you don't have a bathtub, you can always remove the tape in the shower after soaking it as well.
You can apply the oil before, during, or both, for a similar effect to soaking in the bathtub!
To be honest, whenever someone personally asks me about removal, I always suggest removing tape in the bathtub or in the shower with oil. I feel like it just works better! I still suggest letting your tape soak though.
The water is meant to help ease the process, not replace removal oil all together!
Whether you choose a bath or shower, I find it much easier to clean up the residue from the tape when I do this.

Solution #3: Face/Body Scrubbers

If you're soaking for 1-3 minutes, taking a soothing bath with removal oil and you still want or need another option, try a face scrubber!
Here's a little silicone one I use on my face that's also suitable for this.
I highly suggest looking for scrubbers that are non-abrasive.
If you're trying to find yourself a scrubber to use but aren't sure about it, test it on the top of your hand or the inside of your forearm before using it on your face.
But before you go scrubbing, throw a little removal oil on it first.
Gently scrub in circles over and around the leftover adhesive and with patience this will usually do the trick!

Towel with Removal Oil

If you don't have a scrubber and want to know what else you could use, try a towel!
Take your towel and just like a scrubber, cover it in oil and gently scrub in circles.
Don't be shy about the oil, use lots!

Bonus Tip: Try Using TransTape Repairing Salve!

If you feel like the oil really isn't doing the trick for you, try using the repairing salve!
The ingredients from the TransTape Repairing Salve help the sticky stuff, un-stick, if you will.
The repairing salve is made with Organic Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Monarda, Cedarwood and Frankincense essential oils to help promote healing and healthy skin.
So rub a little bit of it over the sticky residue and rub it around in, you guessed it, circles.
You can add some to your scrubber too, if you'd like!
So essentially, the repairing salve heals your skin while also removing that annoying sticky residue we all love to hate.
Pretty convincing, right?
That's because it works! So you should be convinced!
Anyways, that's a little bonus tip for those of you fighting this seemingly never-ending sticky battle.

What NOT to Do

It might be your first instinct to pick or peel at it.
But don't do it!
You could end up scratching or irritating your skin way more in the process and we don't ever want that.
Especially right after you just removed your tape!
Instead, use a wash cloth, soft face scrubber, a peaceful bath, really anything but finger nails, add some removal oil and gently rub the residue away.
Sticky situations are never fun and avoiding them is definitely the ultimate goal.
But unfortunately, they can't always be avoided.
So instead, rest easy knowing that you are not alone in your sticky troubles.
Until next time,
Stay awesome,
Stay beautiful,
Stay you.
You are loved and it gets better.
Talk to you soon,

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