Someone told you about TransTape and how it's the best thing since sliced bread, now you're wondering, are you wondering if this will work for you? Will the tape still hold up with a larger chest? TransTape can work for almost anyone, no matter what size you are!
If you came here for the short answer, here.
Now, are you still with me?
If you are, we're going to talk a little bit more about taping with a larger chest and a few tips to consider along the way!
One of the most commonly asked questions is whether or not you can use TransTape with a larger chest.
And you absolutely can with the right technique and mindset.
Not only is taping a safer alternative to binding, it can be liberating and the best part is, anyone can feel these benefits.
Large chest or not!
Whether you have a small chest or a large chest, there's a learning curve when it comes to finding your technique.
More often than not, the first application isn't going to be perfect, no matter what body type you are and that's okay! We've all been there!
The name of the game is freedom, not perfection!

What IS TransTape? 

If this is your first time visiting the blog or learning about TransTape, stick around and you might find out something you didn't know!
If you're a TransTape veteran and already know what it's all about, feel free to skip this section! It's only a quick recap on what exactly TransTape is.
But i'd love it if you stuck around!
TransTape is a waterproof, backless and strapless alternative to other self affirming products like binders, bras and gaffes.
You can run, hop, skip, jump and swim in that order while wearing TransTape.
And if you've ever worn binders before, I'm sure you're aware of the 8 hour limit on them.
Right? You better.
When taping your chest, that's something of the past!
You can wear your tape for up to 5 consecutive days without fear of physical, or maybe even mental, damage from binding.
TransTape uses zero compression which means it's not only more comfortable, it's possible for people with conditions like asthma to benefit from it when applied correctly.
And for those of you who are super active, this means your uncompressed chest is free to breathe properly so you can perform your absolute best when it's most important.
And fear not my fellow thrill seeker, TransTape can beat all of the elements with its eyes closed!
Not only have I personally ran a Spartan Race up a mountain through mud, water, sweat and tears with no problem, no problem with the tape that is, I've jumped out of a perfectly good plane 14,000 feet in the sky and landed safely with my TransTape in great, unpeeled condition.
No matter what type of lifestyle you live, TransTape can and will survive it.
But before we move on to the tips, be sure to complete a test strip before applying TransTape for the first time.
This is SO important.
The reason everyone needs to perform a test strip, whether you have sensitive skin or not, is to ensure TransTape is compatible with your skin.
TransTape is made with a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex and the hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive used is medical grade, latex free and non-medicated.
And although it's hypoallergenic, that unfortunately does not guarantee happy skin for everybody.
So if you plan on trying TransTape, don't forget the test strip!

Tips for Application

The application process can be tricky, especially for people with larger chests and for those who are trying taping for the first time. But that's where tips come in!
For this post, I called in the big guns.
I don't necessarily have a larger chest myself, so I wanted to ensure I had accurate and official pointers to share and talk about.
This goes to show, don't hesitate to reach out if you're having issues with your application, we're here to help.
When in doubt, phone a friend! That's what friends are for.

Laying down while applying

In my humble opinion, this is one of the best taping tips out there!
No matter your size or body type, this tip could really fine tune your application.
However, I think it's even more helpful for larger chested individuals.
When using this method for application, you'll want to lay flat on your back.
Your bed, the floor, even the ceiling if you're freaky like that.
While lying down, allow your chest tissue to fall naturally. Some of our bodies may let our tissue naturally fall to the side and that's fine and actually perfect!
With gravity assisting, it takes some stress away and we can shift our focus to things like placement and not overstretching.
And if laying down isn't your thing or maybe it didn't work in the past for you, maybe consider leaning over at the hips and let gravity help you while standing up.
When you lean over at the hips, it's very important to not just hunch over and bend with your back, your tissue will naturally hang down and that can help you better guide everything where it needs to go.
This helps when you're trying to perfect that masculine "pec" appearance, because try to remember that nobody has a perfectly flat chest.
Even cis men aren't flat chested, so try to curb your expectations away from the word "flat".

Use longer strips, or even more!

When in doubt, play with your strips!
Not your chicken strips.
As discouraging as adding another strip or lengthening them may feel at first, there's nothing wrong with it!
Personally, I was super hesitant about adding another strip to my application. It made me feel like my chest was too big and really brought on some serious body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria.
If you're feeling that way, I completely understand and you are seen.
However, when I finally added that second strip to my application, I completely forgot about the negative feelings I had about it to begin with.
Not only do extra strips help move your tissue the way you need it to, you get a good bit of extra support and security.
The same goes for longer strips!
When you lengthen your strip, it gives you some more to work with.
You'll have more space to place a sturdy anchor, more opportunity to guide your tissue into place with the tape and most likely a little bit more security to sprinkle on top.
Don't be ashamed if you need to use more tape! It's okay!
And I'm not just saying that so you buy more tape, I mean it!
If you decide to lengthen your strips, I suggest adjusting by only a section at a time.
A good starting point to help determine the length you need is by holding the roll of tape where you typically anchor it down and unrolling it until it reaches about halfway under your armpit.
If you are considering an extra strip and use 2 or more on each side, you may even benefit from using a vertical strip to finish off your application.
Depending on the needs of your body, you could add that vertical strip over the anchor points or the end points.
Bonus, this helps prevent the edges from peeling up!

Mindset Check!

THE most important TransTape tip that there is.
Check your mindset!
When we're binding with TransTape, we are often dealing with a part of our body that we aren't exactly ecstatic about and it can make us uncomfortable.
It's okay to feel like that, by the way.
So before applying TransTape, it's super important to be in a comfortable head space.
More often than not, our mind can play tricks on us and make us very critical of our beautiful bodies.
If you go into your application with a negative or critical mindset, there's a good chance you're not going to be pleased with your results, no matter how good or bad, and that can be really discouraging.
If you find yourself becoming angry, frustrated or just upset, take a moment for yourself and breathe.
We have the potential to not be the best version of ourselves in those moments and taking a moment to step back and reassess how we're feeling can help us process those important feelings.
To potentially help prevent those feelings from washing up, maybe take the time to set the mood.
Yes, queue the music, light that candle and set that mood!
When we're in a happy or comfortable environment, we're much more likely to produce way better results.
You reading this, capitalism?
Play your favorite music, brew a cup of honey green tea, light a candle or some incense and by golly if you're of legal age in a legal state, light a joint!
The happier and more relaxed you feel, the better your experience is going to be. If you start to associate emotions like frustration to your application process, you're going to be less likely to enjoy your results.
Think of it this way, if you got sprayed with fart spray every time you sat in a specific chair, would you sit in that chair anymore?
Psst, the answer is no.
So that settles it!
Next time you go to apply, check in with your emotions and see where you're at.
If you're not feeling your spunky best, try setting the mood or maybe apply another time or day if that's what you need.
There's no shame in taking a break halfway through, either!
Sometimes that's exactly what we need and there's nothing wrong with giving our body and mind what it needs to thrive.
After all, there's a decent learning curve to applying TransTape and nobody's perfect!
I've been applying for years and still mess up and change things up. It's all in the name of the game!


Resources for Application Assistance

TransTape is made for every body type, but that doesn't mean the application process is super easy by any means. But that's why we have videos, a chat room and blogs!
There are a few different ways to find out more about applying TransTape.
There are blogs, photos and videos all over with different tips and techniques from many different people with different body types.
You can even reach out on social media or the TransTape help desk on their website to actually talk with someone, most likely Beau, about the issues you're having.
That's so cool, right?
Personally, I think it's very important to read about or watch multiple applications to really understand all the different ways TransTape can help you.
And usually you'll pick up a new tip along the way!
Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying something new and that's totally understandable.
I felt that way too!
But you're not alone and there are ways to get help with your application.





TransTape Help Desk 



Resources don't stop there either.
The TransTape community is continuing to grow and you can find people on so many platforms talking about it and having discussions about their personal application methods.
TransTape is made for everyone.
Whether you're big, small, tall, short, people of all body shapes and sizes are sharing their experiences. Even if you don't have the exact body type as someone in a video or post, it's still worth checking out! Tips can be for all applications and could even help yours!
Everyone deserves to feel their absolute best every day and everyone deserves to find freedom in their body.
Every body is different and that's a damn beautiful thing.
Until next time,
Stay awesome,
Stay beautiful,
Stay you.
You are loved and it gets better.
Talk to you soon,

Welcome to the cool kids club!

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