Do you love packing but hate all of the hardware that goes with it? Would you like a more discrete method? Then try out TransTape for packing! With this kit, you will receive a 3 pack of various sized o-rings to fit all of your packing needs, in-depth instructions as well as easy to follow illustrations. As always, TransTape is waterproof, sweat proof, and can last through multiple days of wear.


For best results start with fresh, clean skin, free of all lotions and oils. You may need to trim hair but not shave. Choose the size that works best for YOUR body.


STEP 1: Cut strip to size. We suggest starting with 4 sections (dark blue lines) and adjusting from there

STEP 2: Fold strip in half from left to right

STEP 3: Cut the folded TransTape on an angle, as if you were going to make a heart, save discarded piece for later. Round the corner edge with scissors; this will help avoid curling and create a more contoured look

STEP 4: With your strip still folded in half, you will make a series of cuts approximately 2 inches up from the bottom. Make a 1 inch slice straight across for the first cut. To continue the series of cuts, make 2 more 1 inch slices on an angle, creating an “X” shape (see illustration)

STEP 5: Open the strip and make 2 more cuts along the center line to complete the star shape; there should be a total of 8 points (see illustration)

STEP 6: Take your strip with the paper side facing towards you. With your thumbs and index fingers, tear the protective paper along the dark blue lines, next to the cuts that you have just made, and then across the top. Remove and discard the protective paper around the cuts, leaving the remaining paper attached

STEP 7:  Choose the best size O’ring for your packer. Place your O’ring on the exposed sticky area with the star cut centered in the middle. Carefully take each individual point and wrap it around the O’ring, securing the point to the adhesive part of the TransTape  (you may use tweezers to assist)

STEP 8: At this point there will be some tape left at the bottom of the O’ring. Next you will make a series of 3 cuts. The first will be in the center of the strip, the next 2 will be on the right and left side of the bottom of the O’ring, creating a “wing” to wrap around the bottom part of the O’ring, locking it into place

STEP 9: Once the O’ring is secure, you may add extra strips for reinforcement. Create short strips from the discarded pieces to wrap around any areas that look like there is a gap, typically near the top of the O’ring

STEP 10: Once your O’ring is securely attached, leaving the protective paper on the TransTape, slide and shimmy your O’ring down the shaft of your packer until it reaches the base

STEP 11: Once your packer is securely attached, with your thumbs and index fingers, tear the protective paper down the center dark blue line, creating 2 separate pieces. Peel back each piece slightly, exposing the adhesive. Fold the paper back, creating a handle.

STEP 12:  Line your packer up with your body. Slightly peel back one of the pieces of paper, press the adhesive on to your pubic area and peel off the remaining paper, attaching the TransTape to your body. Rub vigorously to activate. Repeat with the other side until your packer is firmly attached to your body. Once your harness is attached to your body, you may freely change or remove your packers as you’d like