The gym isn't for everybody, but for some of us it can be the best part of our day. If you're someone who enjoys the gym but also binds, packs or tucks, you may be familiar with the struggle of finding comfortable gym apparel. TransTape is a compression free, strapless and sweat proof gender affirming product that has the potential to transform your confidence but also your comfort in the gym. Let's dig in!


Hey, good buddies!


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Are you ready for another fun read about TransTape?


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The gym isn't for everybody, but for some people it's a significant part of their day or even lifestyle.


I'm one of those people.

It can be super frustrating trying to find what clothes and gender affirming gear work with your lifestyle and when you end up needing something with breath-ability and flexibility, it gets even harder.


So we're going to chat about what exactly TransTape brings to the table for those of us who enjoy going to the gym.


But first.


A recap of TransTape and what exactly it is.


I know, I know, you're already a pro and you don't need a refresher.


I include the refresh for any new readers, people new to TransTape all together and overall just to make sure we're all on the same page.


With that said, if you already know what page we're on, feel free to skip to the next section and live your best life.


You won't hurt my feelings.


No, I'm not crying, I'm just simultaneously cutting onions.


What Is TransTape?


Have you ever cursed the air around you while using your gender affirming gear?


Maybe it pinches, maybe it squeezes, maybe it's restrictive, maybe all of the above.


Regardless, you may be eligible for euphoric compensation through the use of TransTape.

In all seriousness, TransTape is the ORIGINAL Body Transformation System and uses skin-safe body tape to deliver gender euphoria by replacing binders, bras, gaffs and other affirming products.


The tape is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex with a hypoallergenic medical-grade acrylic adhesive that is latex free and non-medicated.




Unlike other products, like binders which have 8 hour limits, you can wear TransTape safely for 3-5 days, through the night and in the shower!


The length of time you can wear TransTape varies between individuals and their preferences, as well as the quality of the application and relationship between their skin and TransTape's adhesive.


Also, don't you dare forget to do a test strip before applying TransTape for the first time.


I mean it.


We're going to talk plenty more about TransTape before this post is over, so for now, we can end the refresher and move on to better things.

So I Can Wear it in the Gym?




I'm just kidding.




TransTape honestly changed my personal relationship with the gym, and physical activities in general.


When I was still wearing a restrictive binder, I didn't really want to be active because it was uncomfortable.


I would either be out of breath, insecure about the straps showing or I would be worried about how much longer I had before I should take it off.


I hated it and it prevented me from doing the things I truly enjoyed.


Like wearing hoochie daddy shorts in the gym on leg day.

What Makes TransTape Good for the Gym?


Glad you asked.


TransTape is backless, strapless, sweat-proof and water-proof.


But most importantly.


It's compression free.


If you're someone who enjoys running, the compression free is huge.


I wouldn't identify myself as a runner, because I struggle every second of it, but running with a binder wasn't even feasible for me.


Running in TransTape though? You'll see me shirtless on the trails in the woods with my dog!


Even if you're not a runner, maybe you like to lift heavy things in the gym like me, TransTape is able to handle even the most demanding exercises.


I mean, I even ran a Spartan Race in the rain, through the mud and then walked across a lake with water up to my shoulders and it survived.


And let's not forget the 20 obstacles I encountered throughout the race on top of that.


And the freezing cold hose at the end to get the mud off me.



The backless and strapless features ensure that you can comfortably wear your favorite gym clothes.


Or maybe rock it shirtless in the posing room if you're feeling spicy, I sure do.


If you like to wear tank-tops, wide or deep neck shirts, you don't have to worry about straps showing or any extra restriction, or constriction.


TransTape also comes in 4 different skin tones which is also great for keeping it discreet.


If you're wearing muscle tanks with the sides cut low, the skin tone tape blends in a lot better than something like a binder or bra would.

Skin tone tape is also great if you're packing or tucking and like to wear shorts that are tighter or have a low hip.


No backs, harnesses or straps in sight.


Only super discreet tape.


Or maybe not so discreet, TransTape also comes in Inked, Green, Pink, Blue, Purple, Black and White.


Something for everyone!


Sweat-Proof & Water-Proof


If you're a sweater, don't even sweat it.


I'm so annoying, I know.

Whether you're in the gym or going about your normal day, TransTape will still hold through the sweat.


It's designed to stay on through anything including, but not limited to, swimming, biking, weight-lifting, climbing, showering, walking, running and really anything you can think of doing.


If you can dream it, you can do it in TransTape.


I wear TransTape almost daily, always have a rest day or two people, and I go to the gym 4-5 days a week and shower at least 5 times during the week.


My applications last up to 10 days sometimes, despite all of the exposure to sweat and water throughout the week.


Know your body and if your application is uncomfortable, remove it safely. Everyone's body is different and application times vary per the individual.

So I'm Good?




You're fabulous.


TransTape is without a doubt and incredible option for those of us looking for gender affirming gear that can withstand an active lifestyle.


Whether or not that includes the gym, is up to you.


But if it does include the gym, you're definitely good to go.



Lift, sweat and swim freely, TransTape doesn't care.


In fact, TransTape encourages it.


Don't let anything hold you back from doing what you love.


When I was able to go back to doing the things I loved, my confidence sky rocketed and TransTape played, and still plays, a huge part of that.


I get to confidently wear tank tops in the gym without having any movement restrictions and I can genuinely enjoy the experience comfortably without worrying about whether or not my binder is showing.


It's liberating.

So I say, embrace and indulge yourself in the things that bring you authentic joy.


If what brings you joy is something like dramatically reading a book with a cup of tea in a seat by the window, you should do exactly that.


If skydiving brings you joy, you should do that.


If taking a 6 hour nap brings you joy, you should do that.


If doing a cold plunge brings you joy, you're crazy, but you should do that.


Do what brings you joy, hang out with your inner child, be yourself.


Love your authenticity.


And let yourself be free.


Until next time,


Stay awesome,


Stay beautiful,


Stay you.


You are loved and it gets better.


Talk to you soon,





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