No more snipping your way to some nipple guards.

This pack includes 10 adhesive nipple guards (5 pairs!) to cater to those who want a faster option. Snatch up some of these nipple guards and protect the most sensitive area of your chest. Your nerve endings will thank you! 

• These nipple guards are 5.8 cm and use a latex-free medical grade biological adhesive.

 WARNING: Improper use of Transtape can cause adverse short- and long-term side effects. Our method is safest when used correctly. Please read all instructions before application or contact us for more information. Transtape should not be used on broken or open skin. Doing so may cause additional irritation, blisters, and open sores which could lead to infection if not properly treated. Consult a doctor
if you experience any signs of infection including fevers, chills, discharge, or vomiting. Transtape should never be fully wrapped around the torso, please refer to application video and inserts. Rare but possible signs of rib deformity include shortness of breath, chest pain, or abnormal breathing. Please cease use and contact your physician if you experience any of these symptoms.