TransTape Results and Testimonials

Have you had great results from using TransTape? We would love to hear about it and share it with the community! Please email your submission before/after picture along with your date of birth (must be 18+ for all submissions) to ~ All accepted submissions will receive a 50% off promo code to be used towards your next order!



" Hello! I go by Al I’m a nonbinary 19 year old who goes by he/him or they/them the majority of the time and your product is the only thing i’ve ever been able to comfortably bind in and not experience any pain (I have a size 32DD chest so binders and the sports bra method and even binding with regular athletic tape has never been very effective or comfortable for me!!) I love this stuff and it’s been my go to if I’m feeling like binding one day. It’s so confidence boosting and I’ve been passing it around to my other transmasc friends since I started using it and I haven’t had one person say anything negative about it!! "


" I purchased a roll of TransTape when it was first advertised on a trans forum online, and it's been fantastic! I have a very large chest and so the tape doesn't completely flatten it, but it's enough that I can comfortably go without a bra or binder on a daily basis. That alone has been an immeasurable benefit to my mental health, not to mention my posture. I also use it for special occasions, like my university's queer-straight alliance hosting a pool party or vacation with my family. I'm in the process of scheduling my top surgery for this year, but I'll definitely be recommending TransTape to others even once I don't need it anymore! "



" Since I’ve tried the free samples of Transtape I’ve been able to freely wear any shirt with no problems of checking if the strap of a binder/sports bra was popping off the side. I know I’m going to continue to use this tape until I’m able to get my top surgery. "


" transtape is an amazing product for it was the first product I have used that has given me the opportunity to backless bind without complications. Though it does have a learning curve to it, it is phenomenal once you get the hang to it. It proved full support when working out as well, as I am a soccer goalie and with the help of transtape, I am able to play with a flat chest and have complete movable power. Thank you again for this amazing product! "