ABOUT TransTape




TransTape was originally designed for trans-masculine and non-binary folks as a chest masculinization method and alternative to binding. We have since expanded our line to be an all inclusive body transformation system. We have found it works wonders for trans-females as well. TransTape is a wonderful and gentle "gaf" alternative and can also be used for chest taping, either as an enhancer or as a flattener (for those ladies that still need to present as male at times but are starting to develop breasts as a result of HRT). TransTape is also an amazing harness for packing! With no straps or buckles to get in the way, transtape seamlessly blends with the skin and is able to handle the weight of a heavy packer. No more layering multiple pairs of underwear. Can even be used to shower, swim and share intimate moments! We will be sharing how soon...check back in periodically to see all of our new products to come!


We currently offer TransTape in 3 sizes, small, medium and large, and 3 skin tones light beige, dark beige and brown. Our small is 7.5 cm wide, our medium is 10 cm wide and our large is 12.5cm wide!  TransTape is made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex and features a wave-pattern acrylic adhesive that moves with your skin and muscles. Our design lifts the skin which helps maintain flexibility while improving the body's natural blood circulation. TransTape is WATERPROOF and SWEATPROOF so you can wear to the beach, to the gym or even in the SHOWER! It is extremely flexible and can be used for any and all activities...it's even great for those intimate moments! We have found TransTape to be life changing and we hope you do too!